Stainless Steel Gas Stove

An interesting part of and Indian Kitchen is a gas stove which tends to be the main point of the kitchen. Though there are number of cooktops available in the market, but stainless steel one is a common one.

These gas stoves loved for their strength and durability and are considered easy to clean and maintain. Stainless Steel Gas Stoves are available in various burners ranging from two burner stove to four burner stoves. Basic burners are perfect for couples and bachelors and multiple burners are perfect for large families.

Few Advantages Of Stainless Steel Gas Stoves!

  • These stoves are easy to maintain and are durable
  • Stainless steel gas stove are known to withstand heavy utensils, stains and smudge.
  • One can easily adjust heat

  • So, amplify your kitchen with all new Stainless Steel Gas Stove that are available at Craft India. We have a variety of gas stoves available that are effective, powerful and fast available at different prices . You can also pick the number of burners according to your requirements and needs.


    There are three types of Stainless Steel Gas Stove available at Craft India and they are:

  • Double Burner
  • Three Burner
  • Four Burner

  • There is no other place that is best than Craft India to satisfy your need for a gas stove that will suit your needs and your kitchen décor as well. Discover new age of cooking via auto ignition that ignites by just a knob turn.

    Explore a good range of gas stoves, cooktops and other accessories at Craft India. So, whenever you think of buying a gas stove do consider Craft India as they are a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Gas Stove Manufacturers in India. The team available at Craft India are highly skilled and professional and work dedicatedly in order to provide the customer with the best products and services. So, don’t think twice before contacting us. We are always available for our customers. Our services are exclusive and top notch.

    • Features

      • Strong And Heavy Pan Support
      • Back Side Multi Directional Nozzle
      • Heat Resistance Bakelite Knob
      • Fuel Efficient Brass Burner
      • Heat Proof Toughen Glass Top
      • Strong Sturdy and Durable Body
      • User Friendly Brass Burner Position
      • Die Cast Aluminum Mixing Tube
      • Also available in auto ignition device
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