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Craft India Appliances are one of the leading Gas Stove Manufacturers and was established in the year 1998. Since then, they have created an unforgettable image in the eyes of the consumers and in the market as well. They have satisfied many customers over the years with their high-quality products and services. We believe in delivering durable and reliable products for the betterment of the customers.

Our team is highly dedicated and committed in providing high quality products thus all the products have gone through intensive tests under most strict supervision which makes us stand out among others. Creative and technical aspects of manufacturing are a trademark of our company.

The team available here is highly skilled and professional. They try their best to provide the customers with latest designs and products. All our products are a combination of latest technologies and perfect designing.

Advantages Of Gas Stove!

Choosing the right and best one for your home comes to your kitchen priorities, like it should easy to clean etc. So, to help you with your decision we listed some of the advantages of Gas Stove below:

They have Better Cooktop control which means it allows instant changes in heat while cooking. Gas stove are preferred by both professional and beginner as they are easy to operate.

Gas stoves are durable as they are made of metal grates. Hence, it can withstand rough-textured or heavy cookware without any hassle.

They are cost effective as they are generally cheaper than electricity.

Gas stoves are cookware friendly as they heat up the cookware evenly.

They can easily be used anytime even at emergency.

Various Types Of Gas Stove And Their Features!

We not only provide one but three different types of gas stove to our customers and they are:
  • Double Burner
  • Three Burner
  • Four Burner

The features all these three are similar and they are:
  • They are strong and have heavy pan support
  • Heat Resistant
  • Have fuel efficient brass burner
  • Heat Proof glass top
  • Durable, strong and sturdy body
  • User Friendly
  • Is also available in auto ignition device
  • Die cast aluminum mixing tube

  • Always Use

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